The Tree of Knowledge by Dion Pollard

Dion Pollard "Tree of Knowledge"

Dion Pollard "Tree of Knowledge"
Dion Pollard "The Tree of Knowledge"

Dion Pollard started his artistic life at age of 13 after seeing his brother copying comic books. He started with pencil drawings but now mostly uses pastels. Dion creates colorful realistic paintings from mind and uses strong warm colors. He lives in Upper Marlboro, MD USA.
The infinity Art Gallery recently awarded 3rd place for his pastel painting The Tree of Knowledge. Here is what the juror Marcella Gillenwater nicely commented about this painting. The “Tree of Knowledge” calls for a sense of strong boldness from the artist. The movement is brilliant! I enjoy the harmony of the ripples throughout the painting, yet the straight edges of the books allow for a balance of interesting energy. The warmth and vibrant colors are in a nice measurement with the cools. This painting makes me want to jump in and pick up a book. Congratulations on a great work of art which screams for a wonderful movement in this world!

Edward L. Rubin, The Annunciation

The Annunciation

The Annunciation

The online gallery Infinity Art Gallery has announced winners of the Figurative Art Expo 2010. The first place this time was the pastel painting “The Annunciation” by Edward L. Rubin. You might have noticed this beautiful and unusual painting on this blog in the Pastel 100 Figure competition for 2010.
Emmy Award winning Production Designer Edward L. Rubin has lived in Paris, New York, San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Santa Barbara. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture with honors from the University of California, Berkeley, and he holds a Master of Fine Art degree from Carnegie-Mellon University.
As a Fine Artist, Edward studied etching and lithography at California State University Long Beach and drawing and painting at the Academie de Port Royal in Paris, France. From 1991 through 1997 he had a studio space at the Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco. During this time he developed his mastery of soft pastel on paper. Edward now lives in the Miracle Mile neighborhood of Los Angeles.
As a Production Designer and Art Director for film and television, Edward has worked on over fifty shows. He won an Emmy Award for Art Direction in 1997 for “Cinderella,” starring Brandy and Whitney Houston.

Cecilia Watson won the Gallery Director’s award

Cecilia Watson "Shy Boy"
Cecilia Watson "Shy Boy"

You might remember Cecilia Watson from Spain, who has already been presented on this blog as a Get Dusty winner. Cecilia won the Gallery Director’s award this time at the Infinity Art Gallery Summer 2010 show. Here are the comments from the juror Julie Weismann:

Shy Boy, is beautifully composed.
Watson masterfully conveys the title of
this piece through this little guy’s eyes
and expression. I can feel myself
squatting down attempting to coax
him out from behind those safe legs.

The other pastel art that was accepted in the finals was by Sabina Haas, Switzerland, who you have also seen on this blog several times.

Rita Kirkman 2nd Place at Spring Expo 2010

Rita Kirkman - Bride's Maid
Rita Kirkman "Bride's Maid"

The online gallery Infinity Art Gallery hosts international, juried art exhibitions in all media. They have announced winners of the Spring Expo 2010 and the 2nd place in the 2D category went to Rita Kirkman. This time there were much less pastel works among the finalists than in the Winter Expo. I found only 2 works by Rita to be in soft pastels.

Here is what judge K. Kanayama said about Rita’s Bride’s Maid: “Under the warm sunlight, admiration toward the bride is shown in her gentle smile. A young bridesmaid wears a simple dress and a blooming flower crown on her head. Her youth is harmonizing the spring color in the background. The whole scene is in a similar color scheme that is yellow. The contrast between the relatively cool shade and the yellow light suggests her sentimental youth and the festive atmosphere around her. Beautiful harmony of light and shade is played out in this scene.

Kaleeka Bond: Arising Society Awareness Through Pastel Art

Kaleeka Bond
Kaleeka Bond "By The Hour"

The online gallery Infinity Art Gallery hosts international, juried art exhibitions in all media. They have announced winners of the Winter Expo 2010 and the 2nd place in the category figurative art went to Kaleeka Bond for the soft pastel painting “By the hour”. Her painting “One Step” in soft pastel and gouache got to finalists.

Kaleeka lives in Southern California and she received her MFA in 2008. Besides herKaleeka Bond inspired work I very much like this part of her artist statement “My work illustrates a goal to heighten an awareness of issues that exists worldwide within society. Issues that divide, separate and deteriorate individualism of the human race”. How she makes that statement come alive through her work you can see on her website.

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