Bonnie Zahn Griffith finished 100 Pastels Series

Bonnie Zahn Griffith 100 pastels

Bonnie Zahn Griffith is a landscape artist working mostly in pastels and acrylics. Her work is generally representational depicting the northwest US and she lives in Washington. I like Bonnie’s work in general and it was a pure joy following the development of the 100 more or less same paintings. Here you can see my selection of close to 50 painting, and if you click on the image you will see it in higher resolution. This collage is the invitation to visit Bonnie’s blog, enjoy each individual painting together with other works and get inspiration for you own work and artistic development.

We have reached post #100!

Thanks to you, our readers who gave support by acknowledging and appreciating our work, this blog has succeeded to reach #100 post today.

What follows is a brief summary of last 3,5 months:

  • posted 6 posts related to Old Pastel Masters
  • presented 8 great pastel artists as  “Featured Artists”
  • used opportunity to present 12 very useful pastel demos
  • mentioned close to 30 competitions and challenges (held or to come)
  • collected 15 video clips
  • averaged 5,76 post per week after going public on January 1st, 2010
  • more than 350 Facebook  fans, almost 60 Google Friend Connect  followers and over 130 daily RSS feeds
  • linked to over 100 pastel artists.

The numbers above are here to talk a little, the blog itself says much more, but the best of all is that we have learned so much and established contact with many great artists which we admire and who give us the push to work more. This is just one stop to turn back and see how much we did and to say: “It’s worth it and there is more to come… :-)”

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Sandy Askey-Adams Passionate About Pastels

Sandy Askey-Adams Natures Quietude
by Sandy Askey-Adams

The main focus of Sandy Askey-Adams work is the interpretation of nature and its moods. Embracing a poetically sensitive and gentle style, she strives to communicate a greater sense of love and peace to her viewers with each new work. She loves working in pastels for the dramatic contrasts, the rich layers of colors and the vibrant visual luminescence that can be achieved with pastels. She believes that the pastel medium will help achieve what she wishes to capture in the essence of nature. Sandy is associate member of PSA, and a signature member of Maryland Pastel Society, and her works were selected for inclusion in the book Best of America – Pastel Artists, Vol ll.

Sandy claims to be passionate about painting and especially passionate about the pastel medium. I think everyone believes her since she runs the biggest Facebook group dedicated to pastels Passionate About Pastels – National and International. The pastel artists from around the world are invited to join this group, share thoughts, ideas, suggestions on types of paper, favorite pastels, anything there is to share about pastels. Sandy and the group are trying to reach 1000 members, and if you have the Facebook account please join.

Still-Life the Colourful Way

Mario Vukelic "Color glass"
Mario Vukelic "Color glass"

Whether you are a blooming artist exploring the world of soft pastels or you are an established master pastelist, here is a great lesson, or better to say many great lessons which can open up a new way of painting, or it can enrich your style. This online lesson was given by Charlotte Herczfeld on the forum and was commented by many artists. The post thread is very long and this index will help you find your way through a lot of useful information. The lesson in that thread is based on the work and teachings of Susan Sarback. If you don’t know Susan it is enough to say that the International Artist Magazine named Susan one of the Master Painters of the world. To learn more about her teachings I recommend you read her book Capturing Radiant Light and Color in Oils and Soft Pastels.

Creative Spark – Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Don Williams "Sixty-Six"
Don Williams "Sixty-Six"

Creative Spark Challenge by the Pastel Journal magazine.
Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary:  Show one or more pastel paintings that celebrate the beauty in seemingly commonplace subjects. E-mail your image(s) as JPGs with a resolution of 72 dpi to by December 22, 2009. Include the title, dimensions and a brief description. Please type “Creative Spark” in the subject line and include your name, e-mail and mailing address. The “editors’ choice” will be published in an upcoming issue of the magazine… The Pastel Journal

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