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“Pastel 100″ winners for 2014

Jennifer Evenhus "Summer Pasture"
Jennifer Evenhus “Summer Pasture”

Congratulations to all 100 finalists and award winners in the Pastel Journal’s 15th Annual Pastel 100 Competition!!!!
The grand prize winners are:
David Wells, Pastel Journal Best of Show
Helen Kleczynski, The Ruth Richeson/Unison Pastel Prize
Ray Hassard, Pastel Journal Gold,
Peter Seltzer, Pastel Journal Silver
Jennifer Evenhus, Pastel Journal Bronze

The April 2014 Pastel Journal issue will present all 100 winning paintings, but if you like to see some in advance visit Soft Pastel News Facebook page. Please find the complete list of winners on the Pastel Journal Blog.
The following is the list of all artist in alphabetical order:
Alain J. Picard, Amanda Harrison, Andrew McDermott, Anna Wainright, Arlene Richman, Aurelio Rodriguez López, Barbara Jaenicke, Barbara Mason, Barbara Szkutnik, Bill Shaffer, Carolyn Robles, Christine Debrosky, Christine Swann, Clarence Porter, Claudia Post, Cuong Nguyen, David Wells, Debora Stewart, Dennis Linn, Don Williams, Dug Waggoner, Elena Kukushkina, Elizabeth Ganji, Fang Lian, Genady Arkhipau, Glen Maxion, Gwenneth Barth-White, Helen Kleczynski, J. Kay Gordon, Jane Ditri, Jane Radstrom, Jane Willis Taylor, Janis Ellison, Jean Dalton, Jeanne Rosier Smith, Jennifer Evenhus, Jennifer L. Hoffman, Jill Stefani Wagner, John Philbin Dolan, Jude Valentine, Judy Evans, Julia Lesnichy, Karen Israel, Karen Suponski, Kari Tirrell, Kath Dunne, Kathleen Newman, Kathryn Hall, Kathy Hildebrandt, Lijing Yang, Linda Mutti, Lisa Ober, Lyn Asselta, M. Katherine Hurley, Marcia Holmes, Margaret Evans, Margaret Williams-McGowan, Margi Lucena, Merethe Torbergsen, Mike Barret Kolasinski, Mike Beeman, Nancie King Mertz, Nancy Bozeman, Nancy Nowak, Pat Ross Marx, Patricia Meras, Patsy Lindamood, Penny Soto, Peter Seltzer, Ray Hassard, Resa Grogan, Roberta Combs, Sandy Bonney, Sandy Byers, Sharon Bamber, Shireesh Dharap, Sonja A. Kever, Stan Bloomfield, Steffi Decker, Sue Gombus, Susan Lampinen, Svetlana Cameron, Tom Christopher, Trilby Wood, Victoria Ryan, Yael Maimon.

14th Annual Pastel 100 Competition

Parag Borse "Wrinkles and the Rooster"
Parag Borse “Wrinkles and the Rooster”

Congratulations to all 100 finalists and award winners in the Pastel Journal’s 14th Annual Pastel 100 Competition!!!!
The grand prize winners are:
Parag Borse, India (in this post),
Elaine Lierly Jones, USA,
Anatoly Dverin, Ukraine, USA,
Mike Beeman, UK, USA,
Astrid Volquardsen, Germany.

The source: Meet the grand prize winners.

Featured Pastel Artist: Anita Stoll

Anita Stoll Pastel Collage
Anita Stoll Pastel Collage

Anita Stoll is known for her pastel landscapes with a very strong abstract sense. Her pastel paintings are inspired by what she observes in nature. At the age of 50 she and her husband moved to the High Desert north of Los Angeles where she was immediately struck with the open expanses of sky and land. Along with that she was overcome by an urge to create. She soon enrolled in art classes in a community college and began showing locally while still holding on to her day job as a buyer for the California airport in Mojave. It wasn’t long before she got into galleries in Taos, San Francisco, Wrightwood and Encino, along with being the house artist of the Antelope Valley Winery. After moving to Coarsegold, CA, she became internationally known by having a feature article on her in International Artist’s Magazine and also The Pastel Journal. She won fourth place in PJ’s annual Top 100 Exhibition of 2006, and she was once again published in the book Best of America Pastel Artists, Volume II

Anita Stoll
Anita Stoll

Anita is a signature member of The Pastel Society of The West Coast and The Northwest Pastel Society. She is currently represented at Timberline Gallery, Oakhurst and at her home studio and gallery Big Acre Studio in Coarsegold. She is a very active blogger and I selected 2 articles for you to read, Face the Wall and Painting Upside Down.

“Pastel 100″ Winners for 2012

The Pastel Journal selected the top Pastel 100 works in the 13th annual competition. This year’s winners were selected from nearly 3,000 entries. The preview of the top winners can be seen on this youtube clip.

The Pastel 100 winners for 2012 (in alphabetical order)
Abel Marquez, Andrew McDermott, Anne Van Blarcom-Kurowski, Arlene Richman, Barbara J. Mason, Barbara Noonan, Barbara S. Groff, Bill Baker, Bob Russin, Brian ONeill, Brian Sauerland, Carl Desrosiers, Catherine Lidden, Cheri Dunnigan, Chris Johnson, Christine Ivers, Christine Swann, Christine Troyer, Cindy House, Danielle Richard, Daria Tallman, Darleen Urbanek, David Melchior, David Vincenzi, David Wells, David Will, Deborah Crossman, Deborah Quinn-Munson, Denise LaRue Mahlke, Dennis Rhoades, Don Rantz, Don Williams, Ed Chesnovitch, Eileen Casey, Eileen Healy, Elizabeth Breed, Elizabeth Ganji, Enid Wood, Ina Prosser, Jacqueline Meyerson, Jane McGraw-Teubner, Janice D. Burton, Jennifer L. Hoffman, Jessica Fine, Joanne Burney, John Philbin Dolan, John Ribble, John Roush, Jude Tolar, Karen Ferrick, Karen Israel, Kathryn Fehlig, Kathryn Hall, Kelly Milukas, Kristy Asaro, Lawrence C. Barone, Lea Colie Wight, Lee A. Kimball, Lee McVey, Lisa Mitchell, Liz Jones, Lyn Diefenbach, Margi Lucena, Mary Aslin, Mimi Jungbluth, Mira M. White, Ned Mueller, Nicora Gangi, Patricia Catherine Kling, Patti Arbino, Paul Miners, Rachel Estrada, Rita Kirkman, Robert K. Semans, Sandra Burshell, Sandy Byers, Sarah Blumenschein, Scott Hale, Sharon Bamber, Shelley Aquino Brandon, Shelly Eager, Sonja A. Kever, Stan Sperlak, Sue Gombus, Tatijana Jacenkiw, Ted Smuskiewicz, Teresa DeSeve, Terri Ford, Theresa Emmett Allison, Tom Christopher, Tony Allain, William A. Schneider, Willo Balfrey

PastelNews Painting Challenge

Participate to win a new book by Maggie Price. All participants get a free digital issue of The Pastel Journal.
I’m sure most of the pastel artist have already heard about the new book Painting Light and Shadow with Pastels by Maggie Price. Rather than providing a one-size-fits-all recipe for painting light, this book shows you how to capture the particular ambient qualities of any scene before you, be it a gloriously clear morning, a rainy afternoon, or the joyful dance of sunlight on water. Master pastelist Maggie Price, together with five contributing artists, explores different styles, approaches and subjects, including landscapes, water scenes and people.

If you would like to play with light and shadow and share your work with us here is the pastel painting challenge for you.

  1. Download and read chapter one The Basic Principles of Light and Color.
  2. Choose any of the paintings from this chapter or use your own reference.
  3. Make a soft pastel painting with the clearly visible play of the light and shadow.
  4. Upload your painting to the Pastel News Facebook page by end of August 2011.
  5. I will chose one of the participants randomly to win a paper copy of the book.
  6. All participants get a free digital issue of The Pastel Journal.
  7. Your work and link to your site will stay on the Facebook page and in the Gallery on this website.

If you don’t have a Facebook account you can e-mail your work to info@pastelnews.com

The Basic Principles of Light and Color’ is an excerpt from Painting Sunlight & Shadow with Pastels copyright (c) 2011 Maggie Price. All materials used by permission of F+W Media. All rights reserved

The Pastel Journal: The First 10 Years

Pastel Journal 10The Pastel Journal: The First 10 Years 1999-2008 CD/DVD. On this single disc (DVD format), you’ll find an entire library of the first 10 years of The Pastel Journal (1999-2008). That’s 59 issues featuring more than 4,600 pages of pastel inspiration, instruction and painting ideas—all searchable by keyword. View it on your home computer, take it with you on your laptop or print articles to use in your studio. Issues are in PDF format, making them viewable on both PC and Mac with Acrobat Reader 6.0. It is sold for $79.99 at North Light Books webstore.


Aaron Schuerr Pastel Adventures

Aaron Schuerr "River Glow"

Have you ever tried to paint outdoors with the frozen fingers? Or climbing to a peek of mountain to find that perfect spot for your next plein air painting? Looks like that is the specialty of Aaron Schuerr. He combines his love of outdoors and painting to capture those special moments when most of us run for shelter.
Aaron is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, is a dedicated plein-air painter based in Livingston, Montana. Working in both oil and pastel, he brings a quiet intimacy and sensitive rendering of light to the varied landscapes of the Rocky Mountain West.
Aaron won the Pastel Journal Gold Medal Award for Excelence in 2011 with the painting River Glow.

Featured Pastel Artist: Cuong Nguyen

Cuong Nguyen was trained to be a traditional portraitist at the age of 10 in his native Vietnam. He finds the natural beauty in the people that surround him—from the men and women he painted to earn money on the streets of Saigon as a child, to the denizens of Silicon Valley that he often paints today. Faces inspire him—so much so that that he has been known to approach strangers to request that they model for him. He works in a variety of media, from oil and pastel to digital media and for much of the past decade, he has been active in streetpaint art festivals around the world. Cuong is also a professional illustrator and icon designer for Yahoo! Inc., where he creates digital artwork no larger than 50 square pixels.
He has won several awards for his painting, including Best in Show at the International Association of Pastel Societies’ 15th Juried Exhibition and a Gold Medal at its 16th Juried Exhibition. The artist is a member of Oil Painters of America and the International Guild of Realism and is a Distinguished Pastelist in the Pastel Society of the West Coast.
Cuong won the Pastel Journal Grand Prize Award for 2011 with the painting Spring.

Don Williams, The Pastel Journal Best of Show

Don Williams "Hopper Car in Fog"
Don Williams "Hopper Car in Fog"

Night scenes of empty streets, ships and trains in a fog, old cars and gas stations… if you see it masterfully painted in pastels, you can be very certain it was done by Don Williams. His paintings are very quite and always show dramatic lights.
Don earned a Master of Fine Arts degree at the Newcomb Art School at Tulane University. He paints in both oil and pastel, and also works in drawing media, and has participated in numerous group exhibitions and one-man shows at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, the San Jose Museum of Art and the Sheldon Art Museum in Lincoln, Neb. The artist lives in Sonoma, California.
Don won the Pastel Journal Best of Show award for 2011 with the painting Hopper Car in Fog.


Edward L. Rubin, The Annunciation

The Annunciation

The online gallery Infinity Art Gallery has announced winners of the Figurative Art Expo 2010. The first place this time was the pastel painting “The Annunciation” by Edward L. Rubin. You might have noticed this beautiful and unusual painting on this blog in the Pastel 100 Figure competition for 2010.
Emmy Award winning Production Designer Edward L. Rubin has lived in Paris, New York, San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Santa Barbara. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture with honors from the University of California, Berkeley, and he holds a Master of Fine Art degree from Carnegie-Mellon University.
As a Fine Artist, Edward studied etching and lithography at California State University Long Beach and drawing and painting at the Academie de Port Royal in Paris, France. From 1991 through 1997 he had a studio space at the Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco. During this time he developed his mastery of soft pastel on paper. Edward now lives in the Miracle Mile neighborhood of Los Angeles.
As a Production Designer and Art Director for film and television, Edward has worked on over fifty shows. He won an Emmy Award for Art Direction in 1997 for “Cinderella,” starring Brandy and Whitney Houston.

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