Alberto Piedra Fernández

Alberto "Colorfull Thoughts"

Alberto "Colorfull Thoughts"
Alberto Piedra Fernandez "Colorfull Thoughts"

Alberto Piedra Fernández is a pastel artist from Spain. He studied laws and in his artistic beginnings he was self-thought but soon he explored and discovered a field of figurative art and realism in pastels by the hand of internationally renewed artist Abel Marquez from Argentina.
Alberto has received several international awards and recently had the Outstanding Pastel at Bold Brush competition.
He is a founding member of the Pastel Guild of Europe (PGE) and member of Spanish Pastel Society (ASPAS).

Merethe Torbergsen “Raw Breakfast”

Merethe Torbergsen named this painting Raw Breakfast, and my wild guess is that she has raw eggs for breakfast after a rock concerts where she sings and plays :). Merethe is a soft pastel artist form Norway and a rock & blues guitarist and singer in a B.B. Queen & Stringmasters Inc. band.
She started with pastel painting in 2002 and she also works in graphite, charcoal and colored pencils. Her favorite subject is still life and her paintings are sometimes described as a Romantic Realism, where an artist renders everyday objects seen through her eyes. The artist aim for an emotional and personal rendering of the subjects she choose to paint. Merethe is the winner of the latest Get Dusty competition, held by the Pastel Guild of Europe, with the painting above.
You can follow her work on a blog and listen some of her music on the My Space.

Malcolm Jarvis Autumn Landscapes



Malcolm Jarvis is an internationally recognized artist who holds the Diploma in Design from St. Martin’s School of Art, London, UK. He lives in the rural county of Norfolk, England, and has spent most of his life with the vast skies, the miles of inland waterways and the windswept coast. Although he tends to use watercolor on his travels, the soft pastels are his favorite painting medium. In many of his paintings Malcolm explores the effects of light on the landscape. Malcolm draws inspiration from the English countryside as well as from the Mediterranean light. His work has been exhibited in England, Washington DC, South Carolina and Spain and he holds regular workshops in England, around the Europe and Mediterranean.
Malcolm is the winner and the runner up of the latest Get Dusty competition, held by the Pastel Guild of Europe.
In his words, “I hope you see my pieces as a response to nature, to beauty, to life, to that sudden awareness of being in the presence of a mystery that baffles understanding.”

Ruth Mann Won the “Get Dusty” contest

Ruth Mann "Watching"

The Pastel Guild of Europe has announced the winner of the monthly challenge. The theme for January 2010 was Animals – wild life. You can find all the entries in the gallery here.
Ruth Mann has re-discovered art just over 2 years ago and soon realized that the soft pastels were the right medium for her. She has done mainly wildlife and animal art so far but she is trying a lots of different subjects and developing her style with the help of two art classes and the internet forums. Ruth is married and lives in rural parts of Norfolk, England with her husband, dog and cat. She still does not have the web presence, but is working on it.

Update: Ruth Mann website.

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