Alcohol Wash Underpainting

Paula Ann Ford
Paula Ann Ford "Winterscape"

Tennessee based artist Paula Ann Ford, who specialized in beautiful soft pastel landscapes, shares her process of doing pastel underpainting followed by the alcohol wash.

“I normally use a dark value of blue at the top of the sky, then in the middle sky a medium (lighter than the dark) value, and then at closest to the horizon or in this case tops of the trees with the lightest value of blue. It almost looks like 3 stripes.
Then I block in the darkest value for all of the trees in the background. In this painting, I used a Mount Vision extremely dark navy blue.
Then in the foreground I use the same blues as the sky for the snow, but in reverse order. The lightest will be the farthest away; the medium will be in the middle; and the darkest will be in the foreground.
That covers all of the board and I’ve only used 4 colors…” read more on Paula’s blog

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